Billy Bob Thornton dice Che il SUO ” permanente Goal ” E una truffa dormire Jennifer Aniston

You might think that Billy Bob Thornton would take his own advice last night after his hilarious, but short, Golden Globes acceptance-speech, but apparently not!
The actor, who took home the prize for his work in Fargo stopped by show backstage Access Hollywood and played a game quite exciting meeting you rather with the co-hosts. You know, just like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did on stage during their open ridiculously funny …

Between Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston, Thornton did not hesitate a bit ‘before he blurted out, “Jennifer Aniston, aim for a lifetime. That’s all I’m saying. ‘”Well, then!
Next on the interview was a choice between Bill Murray and Christoph Waltz, in which Thornton replied: “I do not even know what the second one is, so Bill Murray.

But the antics do not end there! The actor was asked “Keira Knightley and Jennifer Aniston,” and well, you can guess who collected.
“Jennifer Aniston. How many times do you take to get this for my head? ”
A few moments before the interview candida, Thornton was on stage at the Beverly Hilton Hotel to accept the Globe for best actor in a TV series, theater where he told the audience that his words have a history of being twisted.
“These days you can get in a lot of trouble, no matter what you say, you know what I mean?” Said the A-list audience.
“You can say anything in the world and get in trouble. I know for sure. So I’m just going to say thank you! “

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